What our clients have to say

VST has been very positive and supportive throughout my experience with them. This company has done a fantastic job in helping me overcome ive face with my income property. Ultimately, I spend less time stressing and more time enjoying my profits with VST involved.
Nadim A.
I have been with VST for over two year now. They have given me such good advise especially regarding rehabs and guest needs. My properties were a burden costing me money…Now they’re assets that no only look great but make me money! 
Cali B.
VST has been a great partner in business, they offer an innovative approach to maximizing rental income. VST has been committed to my success from the start. Just a great company with great energy.  
Alex R.
Relocating for business led me to stay in a property managed by VST, everything was perfect. I bought a condo, in less than a year I was relocated again. I hired VST, to host, market, manage, everything. Its been over almost and we have good reviews and great income!
Kenny R.
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